Let me know who you are and what brings you here. (Please.)

One of the things I find slightly frustrating about Tumblr sometimes is that it isn’t always the easiest place to communicate with others and find out who is out there.

So this is my invitation to all of you, especially those who I have never heard from, to send me a note. Let me know who you are, how you found me, what you like about Ms. Curves (or even what I can do to make it better).

You can use the Ask Me Anything link at the top or just click this handy link to send me a note. I try to reply to any and all messages, so don’t be shy. :)

I don’t have any more information about this other than it’s red and polka dots and that I want it.

If anyone has any information about this set and availability, please let me know and you will be my new best friend.)

One more on the red theme that really is nice looking too (and another wish list item): Empreinte’s Thalia bra and brief. The set comes in a whole range of colours and, even better, the bra is from 30-44, C-G. So yay! (The downside is the price, from between $90 and $130. (The panty is $50 to $65.)

To follow up on the look from the last post, more of the Liv corset by Ava Corsetry. Available for pre-order for just £695. (Normally I would balk at that kind of pricing… but this is more than a bit gorgeous. Again, I so need to try a corset some time.)

I am sure I must have posted this before, but it is so striking it is worth repeating: Liv by Ava Corsetry.



Dita Von Teese http://dita-von.tumblr.com/

Fantastic shot. Love Dita.

It’s been a long while since I posted a picture of Ms. Von Teese. So why not. :)


Gold Lace by Madame Supertrash

I post this for three reasons:

1. The colour is unique and I like it.

2. I do wonder how it looks being worn.

3. How often do I get to post something made by “Madame Supertrash”?


Pivoine slip - Angela Friedman [x]

Since I’ve had two posts of Angela Friedman items, why not go for a third. This is even more “wish list” for me than the last post.


Flashback to A/W 13 - The Pivoine slip in 100% silk by Angela Friedman.

Another from Angela Friedman, also last year. But I love this.

Wish list.


(via In Honor of the End of DOMA, Let’s Look At My Favorite Bridal Lingerie)

It’s been a while since a post, so a few random things that have caught my eye. Okay, it’s a bit sheer for my usual tastes, but I like the overall look. (From Angela Friedman, albeit from last year’s collection.)

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