L’Exaltante by Rosy

This set is, frankly, most excellent. Wish list (even if from A to D cup, the bra wouldn’t fit me. Sigh).



Average size mannequin with average size woman.

The problem, in one picture.

I am surprised I have never come across this before. But as an “average” (or, in some aspects, “above average”) size woman, I am all too aware of this.

Lingerie Obsessives has awoken again with another interesting set, out of range for me, but intriguing nonetheless:

Femme Fatale Rating: 6.5 out of 8

Miss K Style score: 4 out of 4 / Miss K Wearability score: 2 out of 4

Mr. C Style score: 3 out of 4 / Mr. C Seduction score: 4 out of 4

Mr. C: It seems that Miss K and I agree on too many things, so it’s time for me to showcase some unusual designs in the hope that we’ll violently disagree with each other. Pictured above is the Johan Maurits collection thong and plunge balcony bra from Marlies Dekkers. I will argue that this is the best thing ever.

Actually, in all seriousness, for me this design stands out as unusual, yet still sophisticated and erotic. The patterned red fabric and the metallic details have a cool antiquities-from-the-Orient vibe. Clearly, this is not every day wear, but I really would enjoy a date where I knew this was being worn. The thong alone warrants a score of 4 for seduction for the ornamental detailing at the back. I don’t normally like dangly metal pendants, but for some reason I like what’s on display here.

This bra design is only practical for smaller breasted women, but if that’s you, then this is very adventurous indeed.  I’ve always appreciated smaller breast as they are, but I can still appreciate how the cut outs and multiple straps add even more dimension and interest. Yeah, some might dismiss this as a Lady Gaga concert costume. But I say Lady Gaga, should be so lucky. I think this set manages to look stylish and inventive.

Maximum cup size available is 36C. Lucky me, Mrs. C is only a 34B and has the slender build to look good in this ensemble. We’ll just have to see if she’s feeling adventurous.


Miss K: Well, Mr. C, you failed. Utterly and completely. Not only do I NOT violently disagree with you, I have even gone so far as to give this a higher style score than you did. So there.

Traditionally, I have not been a huge fan of Marlies Dekkers. Her style is distinctive, which wins points, but her signature extra, decorative straps generally have not done a lot for me. And while this definitely has no shortage of extra, decorative straps, the detailing elevates this to a point where I would say lingerie starts to bridge fashion and wearable art.

The fabric and colour (termed “royal blood” by Dekkers) are gorgeous. And while all those straps, cutouts, metal accents and dangly bits could be a complete recipe for overdone tackiness, this is just beautiful.

Unfortunately it loses out on wearability, at least for me. One point is for the complications added by the straps. I am positively anal about straps not getting twisted and the lines being just so, so the degree of potential fussiness here can’t be ignored.

The second point off for wearability is more specific to me (and women like me) when it comes to the bra. As Mr. C pointed out, this style of bra is really only for smaller breasted women. (Using the word “practical” for small breasted women may be stretching the definition of the word.) Unlike Mrs. C, I am not 34B. And with the style’s sizes topping out at 36C, personally I am a good two or three cup sizes too large for it. Sucks to be me. (Although, for the style, I don’t think that is necessarily the wrong decision. I am not sure that sizing this up to a DD+ size would be a good look, for the bra or the wearer.)

Regardless of the bra, I want the thong though. (And if anyone wants to gift Lingerie Obsessives this set, I would happily take the bottom half. Mr. C can take the bra and wrestle with the straps to see what us women occasionally have to deal with for fashion.)

The Curvy Kate fest continues today, with a set from their current collection: Dare in boysenberry/silver (28-38, D to J). I don’t have a lot to say other than: wish list.

Welcome new followers! (And everyone else!)

In the last five minutes, I have gained five new followers. Wow. Thank you all and welcome! I like to make my Tumblr a two way street, so here are a few things to help make this more fun for both of us.

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I mentioned earlier my somewhat recent like for moulded cup bras. I sadly have no information about this set, but I love it- This is my kind of bra.

(And I would add it to my “wish list” if I had any idea who makes it or any information at all. If you know, please let me know.)

Now looking back a bit, to earlier this year and Elomi. The first set, the Jocelyn underwire plunge bra, caught my eye for the colour again and is available in a wide range of sizes (34 to 46, D to HH). I think I would appreciate the construction to wear more than I love how it looks.

The second set I like more… the Megan longline bra (34 to 40, E to H). It’s cute and fun. I think i need to add some longline bras to my collection.

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I came across an article earlier this week about Curvy Kate’s upcoming collection for SS15 and a few things caught my eye.

Lastly is Jewel (D to K cup). I love the colour. I do wonder about the sheerness, but the colour definitely appeals to me.

I came across an article earlier this week about Curvy Kate’s upcoming collection for SS15 and a few things caught my eye.

I can’t honestly say that hot pink is my thing… but the new Daisy sets (D to J cup), this one in Cerise, is another fun look.

I came across an article earlier this week about Curvy Kate’s upcoming collection for SS15 and a few things caught my eye.

This is Madagascar (D to K cup), a mesh animal print in “poppy print”. I am not sure it tops the list of things I want, but it’s fun.

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