A lovely lady I know really well used to be a J cup.

Stupid back pain.

Cup size is measured from the chest. Regardless of the band size.

Cup sizes do not exist without band sizes.  You can’t be a ‘G’ cup.

So important!

Consider this my educational content quotient for the day. (But something I’ve had to remind myself as my own cup size has increased over the past year. It’s all relative.)


There’s nothing in the world quite like the feel of 100% silk crepe satin… Soft and supple, decadent and weighty, pure luxury.  (Angela Friedman lingerie.)


Wish list.

For reasons stated numerous times in the past, I am still generally nota  fan of the bullet bra style and shaping. But there is something about this photograph that I find striking.


Reblogging for credits…

Model: Tea Time
Photo: Josefine Jönsson
corset: Viola Lahger

Please do not remove the credits, thanks… 

Not much more to say other than it’s an interesting design. Unfortunately I can’t tell you more about it, as the designer, Viola Lahger, doesn’t list it as a currently available item.

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Alternative Pinup

I post this for two reasons.

1. It fits the purple theme I seem to be into today.

2. Pictures like this puzzle me. I mean, it’s a well done photograph… but how does this go from concept to a finished, published photograph? What exactly was the concept here? Is this more normal than I am imagine? Have I been making turkey wrong all this time?


Flirtini (36-46 D-H) by Sculptresse

A different kind of dots than the last post, but a fun look. I like.


Tutti Rouge - Queenie Bra, coming soon

Can’t wait for this bra to come in stock!

Another bra in purple that I put up for discussion. Again, I like the colour… but I am not sure about the style I think I need to see it worn before I can pass judgment on the styling.

But it’s hard to argue with the price (£16) or the range of sizes (28E to 38HH).

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I love the colour of this. (But my credentials of even being a pseudo-lingerie blogger should be taken away for me failure to be able to name this at first sight… I think it’s Curvy Kate, Gia. Sheerness aside (for those in the know, there is a bit of sheer there, or…?, I am curious to try this for myself. And, again, the colour is gorgeous.

I know it’s been a while since i last posted (so thanks everyone for sticking with me!) yet here I return with a post I am reasonably sure I have posted before. Not only that, this look, from Wolford, is outdated, from their 2012 collection. But I still think the use of the dots is original and kind of near looking.

I was all ready to post this as a general service for sales of the upcoming week… until I noticed that it’s from two months ago.

Instead, just enjoy the cool look of the Kitty Nip collection from Lucy B.


102 Lingerie Sales for the Week of 6/28/14

Credits: Kitty Nip from Lucy B

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